Its kinda short. As always, let me know what you think! The neon lights flashed in the darkness of the club. Music was blasting through the speakers.

The air was humid, filled with the strong scent of perfumes and cologne amongst other things. The club was filled with lust and sweat and soulless desire. This club was known for soulmateless people or the rejected. In this world, everyone has a soulmate but not everyone can find them. And if you do find your soulmate, they may reject you as they probably moved on after waiting for so long.

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No connection, no mark. Her hips swayed, bumping into the other broken and lost people. The air was filled with sparks. She swore she could feel light surrounding her. Large hands fell on her hips as the next song started. His lips traveled to her ear letting out soft breaths inciting tickles.

She gasped. The two swayed to the beat, him grasping onto her as is she was his last breath.

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His hands traveled up and down her waist, slipping his fingers ever so gently under her small shirt. Her hands held his and encouraging him to travel further up and grab her bare waist. He held her closer, pulling her hips against his so they were flush. He let out a soft groan. She could feel every ridge of his body against hers. She needed to see him. She needed to have him. She wanted him. The two made eye contact.Writer Silmarillion Fandom Follow me other blog: always-be-lilith-never-eve.

Summary : Thranduil finally finds his soulmate but something was wrong…she was human. Why am I so unlucky?! Grabbing my glass of wine tightly, I threw it to the wall in front of me, breaking in thousands of pieces. I sat down on my bed and put my hands on my head, running them down on my soft hair. This morning, Lord Thorley from Gondor arrive with his party to Mirkwood, for a meeting to discuss the market between Gondor and Mirkwood.

But something awful happen, when I go to greet him, a warm and relaxing feeling spread through my body, like something was making me feel that way. That when I saw her…my soulmate. She was standing beside Lord Thorley, with her hands together in front of her. Her blond hair was neatly combed, with some pieces of hair falling down to her soft face.

Her skin was pure white, almost seeming like an elleth. Her green eyes looking at me, full of curiosity and excitement. The dress that she was wearing it was well built, showing her curves in the right way, and the blue fabric made a contrast with her white skin and blond hair. A sigh falls my lips, I stand up from my bed and walk to the huge window, looking to the dark clouds, ready to pour their water on dense forest.

Why do my soulmate has to be a human?! I remember hearing adar telling me stories about soulmates and how rare that was. Having a soulmate is considered a blessing from The Valar, that they made me a person for me, a person that was my other half.

I always have dreamed of having a soulmate, a beautiful elleth to be mine Queen and share moments with each other. I have to resolve this…. Bring her here. The servant nods and leaves quickly. Please follow me.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You wanted to believe in fairytales, shield yourself away from the truth and clutch to your own lies so that you wouldn't get hurt. You discarded away the logical conclusions and smudged the chrome of harsh reality from the canvas of your brain. It was so easy to blind yourself from the truth; cover your ears from the vibration of those fury framed words. It was like as if your whole world collapsed in a quake and your eyes burnt to see his contained expression.

You wanted to wake up from this nightmare. But you woke up into a nightmare. Your mind was exhausted, alienated, tortured, played with, filled with fear and distrust. Oh how much did you want to erase his name from your shoulder. But this name couldn't be erased. It burnt with a silent agony of rejection. How amusing was it? Your soul mate had caused your soul to weep and wither, to indulge in a relentless rhythm of the ferocious beating of his words against your mentality.

Soulmates are such a blessing.

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A reflection. If one doesn't find them, they will feel as if they are missing a piece of themselves, aching, gut wrenching emptiness would begin to control their emotions.

When they do find them, the link would complete, they would be saved from this perilous feeling. There is, however, an exception- rejection. Depression follows.

Don't you ever wonder who your partner is? Funny how rejection worked. Levi rejected the idea of having a life partner. You rejected his rejection.

x rejected reader soulmate

It was even funnier when his rejection made you crave him more. The beauty of his soul, that esthetic grace, so fervent. Maybe your judgement was being clouded by a desperate need for your soul to attain serenity. Too sad it couldn't be helped. You didn't have the guts to face the consequences. Only one option was left-flee.

Run away and bring forth the defence forces- alcohol, tissues and ice cream.Your heart shattered at his words. The two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds.

Welcome to Yandereland — Stucky x reader soulmate au where they think the...

I really want to have this baby. He just packed as you beg him to stay. He shook you off and glared. You lied there on the floor crying. You cry, watching him leave the house. Now how were you going to manage this?

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Even though he left you, you still wanted the baby. You want to raise a beautiful life you birthed.

Myflair by sara h.

So you kept the baby. No matter what, they were all by your side. And they were pissed when they heard that Bakugou left you. Finally, after 8 months, your water broke. Kirishima was sleeping over this night, and he heard your pained scream in the middle of the night. He was panicking because the help in the area was shit so he had to get you to the hospital.

He ran out the house carrying you, and suddenly an ambulance rushed to a road he was on. Paramedics rushed you onto the bed and to the hospital. Kirishima held onto your hand as the paramedics helped you deliver the baby. His hand was rock hard because you were squeezing it so tightly. Finally, you got to the hospital.

You were in so much pain and Kirishima was forced to wait in the hallways. The rest of your friends came as fast as they could, and they prayed so hard that you were going to be okay. They smile gleefully at you and then handed you your baby. Your friends were able to come in. You sniffle happily.

Shine Bright (Soulmate au)

Suddenly, someone bursts into the room. It was a blonde haired man with harsh eyes. Your eyes widened. No one noticed your pulse was slowly going down. He saw the baby and gulped. Please take care of this gorgeous little g.YOU were the dicks who let her go to a hunt without checking how bad it was. Nine angels against her! Do you understand the danger you putted her into?

Carefully he tucked her in bed. The girl was aware of everything and in pretty bad shape. There were bruises in every inch of her body and a claw was buried in her belly.

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You have to be strong just for five minutes while the poison passes away and I can cure you properly, just five minutes, and then you can let it lose, okay? As soon as the object was outside of her body, Lucifer placed one of his hands in her injury and his other arm behind her back, while at the same time he buried his face in the side of her neck, whispering sweets nothings and comforting words to the girl, telling her how strong she was and that the pain was going to fade away soon.

Lucifer ignored them.

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He smiled, a pained smile, for he wished he could take all her pain and sickness away. I will stay with her all night. But if you do something to her we will find a way to torture you and kill you for real. Posts Following Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Healed by the Devil Lucifer x Soulmate! What did you do to her?! Dean turned to his brother, silently asking for some help. The album is yours. I am yours.

Angst. — Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant!Dead!Reader

I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice. We march for basic human decency!!

x rejected reader soulmate

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 04x16 - Moo Moo. See this in the app Show more.Summary: You lose your ability to see your colours when you meet your soulmate. Is it worth the compromise? RIP Bob. Your name: submit What is this? The world had adapted to a life without colours and those who could see them were considered with two different opinions: they were lucky and they were missing out.

What you were scared of was rejection, rejection from your soulmate because the ability to see colours was better than being destined to spend a life with you. But the day was boring as hell and your fears over your soulmate were in the back of your mind. Since you had a free last period, you decided to head home early and study in the comfort of your bedroom.

It was faded, despite the poster advertising Sky TV only going up a week ago. You frowned but then the fading spread to the building wall it was on. The colour drained from your surroundings, fading into various kinds of grey. Looking around frantically, you realised with a sinking stomach and a pounding heart what was happening. No one else was reacting the way you were; in fact anyone who bothered to pay attention looked concerned and scarpered.

All you could do was try to commit every colour around you to memory as you saw them for the last time. And there he was.

Right in front of you as the last splash of blue on his jumper faded away. He had a large sandwich in one hand, a school book in the other and his rucksack over one shoulder. His wavy hair was pushed back to keep his face clear of obstruction. In short, he was beautiful. You had to do something. You threw your arms around his neck, stunning him into stumbles. You heard his book drop to the floor as tentatively he wrapped his arms around your waist, his hand rubbing up and down your lower back.

Crying reaching the level where it was hard to hide your whimpers, you breathed slowly until your overwhelmed mind simmered down. Peter fumbled in his pockets and pulled out a packet of tissues. You graciously accepted and wiped your eyes as Peter ducked down to pick up his book again.

x rejected reader soulmate

You nodded, pulling out your bag of Kisses and offering him some in return. He listened with eager ears and enthusiasm that was so genuine it nearly made you cry again. Perma-tag: tomgcsglasses and lowdenglynnstyles. AU Summary: You lose your ability to see your colours when you meet your soulmate.

Then he smiled. You pulled away and Peter kept a hand on your shoulder to make sure you were steady.I was supposed to have picked Scott up and driven him home half an hour ago. Impatiently I pace the room, reading the names of all the books on the shelves for what feels like the hundredth time just for something to do. I shoot my head up towards the person in the door way in shock. She was… stunning. Wide and round, staring straight back into mine.

Like for a moment we just… clicked. J esus Derek. Get yourself together. She is a stranger. Your paths crossed for a minute, maximum. The air and energy around me feels heavy now, especially as we leave the clinic.

Is it pulling me back to her? Every gear change. Every stop and start at traffic lights. Because my mind is not here. Whoever she is. Whatever she is. Is she a werewolf? It feels like nothing is clear but yet everything is clear at the same time. That feeling. The way her eyes peered up into mine. The way my heart felt like it slowed down but some how sped up all at once. I felt paralysed.

But I wanted to. So badly.


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