In the increasingly innovative cannabis extraction sector, a new method of filtration and purification is winning over the hearts and minds of BHO and ethanol extraction artists. A CRC is a secondary filtration column containing various medias used to filter dark colors out of oils made with hydrocarbons or ethanol extraction systems. CRC equipment is usually attached between a material column and a collection container. The solvent-based concentrate is then pushed over filtration media that is capable of removing chlorophyll, lipids, xanthophyll, carotene, lycopene, pheophytins, and a variety of toxins.

Cannabis extraction companies can choose to pack their own color remediation cartridges with filter media. A range of adsorbent and absorbent powders and substances such as T5 clay, Magnesol, and silica are used to remove color and impurities in the concentrate. The CRC process occurs after extraction and before solvent recovery to purify the final product. Activated silica gel has adsorbent and desiccant characteristics. Silica gel is commonly used to remove polar molecules from petroleum release sites.

Activated silica gel can pick up chlorophyll, carotenoids, and other hydrophilic substances.

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Silica is crucial to removing the very darkest hues in an extract. Carbon filters are commonly used with activated silica gel to remove chlorophyll. Activated bleaching earth or bentonite clay is used to decolorize a marijuana concentrate.

These filter media are the final layer of filtration media that help remove the color when all other impurities have been removed. Diatomaceous earth is a type of naturally-occurring, soft rock that has a light and powdery consistency. Diatomaceous earth provides extraction technicians with fine filtration. Cannabis extraction companies are noticing the numerous benefits afforded by CRC and introducing CRC into the post-processing workflow.

Cannabis companies are increasingly using CRC to remove waxes, lipids, pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, and compounds that give extracts a dark color. Filtration media used in the CRC can produce a translucent and pure extract form with the highest levels of purity and potency. CRC technology also removes the pigments in the hemp or cannabis plant that has a harsh taste when inhaled.

While not the norm, some unscrupulous cannabis producers can run low-grade concentrate through a CRC system to try and polish the extract and lighten its dark hue to pass it off as high-grade dabs.

Consumers none the wiser can be duped into buying less-than-ideal extracts. As a result, the extracts end up still tasting harsh and smelling horrible. A unique ratio of different types of filtration media is used to filter specific compounds in a single run, preferably. Improper ratios and packing practices can cause clogging, channeling, and overall loss of product and improper filtration in the CRC.

Undersaturation of the filtration media can reduce the overall cannabinoid content collected and reduce the overall yield, which can drastically affect revenue for a commercial operation. Oversaturating the filtration media can force some impurities to go through the filtration levels and end up in the final product, which can be detrimental to human health. Inexperienced CRC operators can improperly stack and pack a CRC, which can risk contaminating the final product with any of the filtration materials.

For instance, activated carbon is usually made from coconut shells, wood, bamboo, and other carbonaceous materials. After a certain number of uses, activated carbon begins to break down and can release heavy metals from its ash content into the final extract. Activated carbon from natural sources can also release benzopyrenes, which are carcinogenic metabolites.

Another common issue when using CRCs is filtration and flow.Important quality considerations are actually clarity, cleanliness, aroma, terpene content, and potency. This post is to help those that have concentrates, or may be making concentrates, that are dark for the wrong reasons and provide a reliable process to improve the product quality.

Everyone has had a wash or end product that came out darker, more green, or containing more undesirables than they hoped or intended. Questions on how to deal with dark concentrates and extractions come up every day. Here lies the conundrum, do you accept the extraction as is, or do you polish it and sacrifice some of the desirables?

To help crafters make that decision this post will explain a simple way to perform the polishing, using activated carbon powder for scrubbing to lighten the color and diatomaceous earth for very fine filtering, provide a side by side comparison of polished and unpolished results from the same extraction, and look at what was lost in the process.

I used decent quality trim and proof food grade ethanol to make the wash. The 1-hour wash initial filtering went through fine mesh coffee filters for plant matter separation, then through the Buchner funnel using 3-micron filter paper.

The wash came out with the perfect amount of green and just over 1L in volume. I separated two ml samples from the 1L of filtered wash. One sample would be processed as is and the other would go through the polishing process.

The sample size of ml was used to match the capacity of the Source Turbo used to make the oil and recover the ethanol. The carbon is essentially charcoal and functions in the same way as a charcoal filter commonly used to purify water. Carbon powder is really good at removing contaminates from liquids, but unfortunately it does this in a very indiscriminate manner and is difficult to filter out of the wash due to the very fine particle size.

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The carbon scrubbing process itself is nearly as easy as mixing the wash and carbon together and shaking. The process is most effective if the wash is warmed to about 80F before adding the carbon. For ml wash, I estimated about 3g of oil so the recommended amount of carbon to be used was 0.

I made and error here and added quite a bit more, about 1. I originally planned to use a stir plate for agitation, but a friend with much experience advised that shaking provides much better results, so I put the wash and carbon in a small jar and gave it a good shake instead. The DE is a very fine powder, almost like flour, and when mixed with ethanol and properly filtered with a vacuum assisted Buchner funnel will form a filtering cake that makes for very fine filter media.

I layered a Buchner funnel with a 3 micron filter paper, then a coffee filter on top of it to help hold the DE in place and form the filter cake.Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Dark Mode. Contact us. What's new New posts New articles New products Latest activity. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter disposition84 Start date May 8, Tagged users None. Was curious what people are using for filters for making BHO and why they're using what they're using. I started out using 2x coffee filters but after buying a nice stainless steel tube off the net I've gone to just using a 50 micron screen without any coffee filters.

After a few runs both ways, I feel like I was getting more with the coffee filters on my purges. I'm curious if having the coffee filters helps create more pressure in the tube not allowing the butane to so easily escape and has more time to break down the thc and move it to the tube exit? Still new at the oil game with only 6 extractions under my belt but figured I'd come here to ask the experts :. Dank Sinatra.Often the simple process of winterizing a dirty concentrate can polish and improve the quality immensely.

This rudimentary winterization and polishing can be used to clean up any type of concentrate from rosin to butane. In this post I will share my experience of using winterization to clean up an unattractive glob of BHO like this.

This is what will be cleaned up in this demonstration. The butane extract must be completely purged of ALL butane before moving past this stage. Most references floating around recommend combining ethanol and concentrate in a ratio. In this demonstration I used aboutand would encourage using up to if the BHO is dirty enough. Using too little ethanol may result in leaving a good deal of desirable components behind with the undesirables once we filter out the waste.

Remember, ethanol is very flammable and needs to be handled with the highest regard for safety. Stirring the heated mixture allows a fresh butane extraction to release the purging gas through active bubbling, while dissolving a stable concentrate may not experience any bubbles. The solution must be stirred until the concentrate is completely dissolved and the bubbling has subsided. The undesirables began to coagulate and form together in cloudy globs very quickly.

Subjecting the ethanol bath to freezing temperatures encourages the undesirables to coagulate, solidify and become fully suspended in the solution. This step can be accomplished in the freezer for hours or with dry ice for at least 3-hours. The left photo was shortly after it was put in the freezer and the photo on the right was after hours of chilling. Anything from unbleached coffee filters to various grades of filter papers and Buchner funnels are acceptable for this task.

The undesirables are quite easy to filter so faster flow filters, like coffee filters, are probably sufficient but I still use a slow flow paper filter to catch as much as possible.

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The filtered undesirables are plentiful and obviously very different than the resulting filtered alcohol solution seen in the beaker on the left. If the undesirable byproduct of the first filtering seems heavy, once again combine the undesirable contents to clean ethanol, and repeat steps This wash was significantly lighter in color than the original filtered wash.

Both washes had the same components, but due to the lower component density this one was much lighter. The wash is nothing more than a combination of cannabis oil and ethanol, but to isolate the coveted cannabis oil for use as a concentrate the ethanol must be removed. How well this step is performed will have a large impact on the quality of the final product. My goals during this step are to use minimal heat, finish expediently, and recover as much alcohol as possible.

If using the Source, for safety of operation, you must make absolutely sure there is no butane remaining in the wash.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Filtration is an important step in production of high quality cannabis extracts. Typical extraction methods often have carryover of undersirable lipids, plant matter, and debris from cultivation, and filtration is often the key to high-quality final product.

Sterlitech suggests a three-step vacuum filtration process with increasingly fine separation. Vacuum filtration systems require a vacuum pump, filter holder i. Filter holder selection is based on the desired filtration level, from rudimentary Buchner funnels to precise glass microanalysis holders. Coarse cellulose filter papers are a great choice for rough filtration or pre-filtration, and following up with medium cellulose filter papers will eliminate large particles from solution.

Our cellulose are free of ash and bleach, for safe and effective filtration. A porcelain Buchner funnel setup is suitable for this level of filtration. For finer filtration use of a polyethersulfone PES membrane filter will remove bacteria and microparticulates to yield a highly refined extract.

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The PES filters have absolute-rated pore sizes at either 0. At this level, glass filter holders will provide the best support for the membrane and are suggested over Buchner funnels. See our full range of kits for Botanical Extraction. Complete the form below to share your cart. The recipient will get an exact copy of the products in your cart. Sterlitech uses cookies for functionality and analytical purposes, making sure we grant you access to the most relevant information on our website and provide you the best user-experience.

By using our website - scrolling this page, clicking a link or closing this banner, means you agree to this. To learn more about how we use cookies, please read our Privacy Policy. Sterlitech now carries PPE! See our Faceshields and Alcohol wipes. Filters for Botanical Extraction Filtration is an important step in production of high quality cannabis extracts.

Read More. Add to Cart. Applications Example Applications: Cold-filtration to remove lipids or waxes Clarification or plant debris removal Bacterial removal using 0. Selection Tool. Order Information Applications Specifications. Send Cart Cancel.Alexandra, our contact at Nordic Visitor, was incredibly helpful throughout the booking process and provided great information.

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Polishing Dark Extracts: Carbon Scrubbing & Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filtering

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